The Cayman Islands: 

A jurisdiction of choice for family offices

Dart Real Estate is delighted to present a new body of research on “The Cayman Islands: A jurisdiction of choice for family offices.”

The decision about where to establish an international family office is complex and multifaceted; attributes such as reputation, tax neutrality, lifestyle, climate, accessibility, privacy, security and more can all be pivotal factors. Through detailed research and rigorous data analysis, “The Cayman Islands: A jurisdiction of choice for family offices” explores the family office sector and assesses the geographic and demographic family office markets that the Cayman Islands is best suited to serve.

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The research paper was compiled from in-depth interviews with professional advisors who advise ultra-high-net-worth individuals (UHNWI) and family office clients. It includes expansive one-on-one interviews with lawyers, trustees, residency and citizenship consultants, UHNW lifestyle consultants, multi-family office advisors, tax advisors, asset managers and private bankers. The participants were based in key markets including North America, the United Kingdom, Russia and CIS, Latin America, Asia and Europe.

The Cayman Islands has long held a position as a world-class family office jurisdiction and the findings of this report highlight Cayman’s continued relevance and many advantages. More than 60,000 people call the Cayman Islands home, representing over 135 nationalities. A large number of new residents come from the financial services community, including single and multi-family offices.

We are committed to assisting family offices and their advisors who are interested in relocating to the Cayman Islands. If you require further information, please contact our team. We look forward to working with you and to offering a warm Cayman Islands welcome.

In this research we explore:

  • The family office tier of wealth

  • Choosing a family office location

  • The Cayman Islands family office – geographic markets and life stage archetypes

  • Benefits of a Cayman Islands family office 

  • The Cayman lifestyle 

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The Cayman Islands: 

a jurisdiction of choice for family offices

“The Cayman Islands: A jurisdiction of choice for family offices” was produced in partnership with Barton Consulting and Wealth-X who are, respectively, global leaders in market data and research within the private wealth segment. Their insights, knowledge and contacts were vital to the efficacy of this report and we thank them for their support. We would also like to thank the participants who kindly shared their insights with the research team.